Market Research Analysis

SDG Group’s consultants have worked with a number of Market Research companies and have developed a deep understanding of the science of Data Analysis. The industry knowledge we have gained allows us to quickly and effectively work with these companies to create the rich visual portals their customers require.

We understand that, as a marketing research organisation you want to help your clients achieve their goals by listening to customers through their preferred medium, effectively analysing and interpreting findings, and reporting actionable feedback in a timely manner. This enables your clients to understand the market research and analytics feedback they receive and to respond promptly, making informed strategic decisions which have a positive impact.

Market Research Analysis

We recognise that your clients’ organisations, which includes but not restricted to health agencies, marketing agencies, governmental organisations to private businesses in several industries need a widespread range of market research analysis, data and information in clear terms and pictures that are ‘simple to understand’. However, we also know that with marketing data comes new challenges to deliver the leading-edge analytics solutions your clients demand.

The challenges of Market Research Data Analysis:

  • The inability to ensure an upright closed loop feedback process for clients
  • Data analysis management, as voluminous amount of data which if not properly analysed, refined, structured may appear to have so much interference and is difficult to interpret hence, not actionable
  • Time constraint: so much data, so little time to analyse and data becomes obsolete fast, negatively affecting ability to retort to customer feedback promptly
  • Demonstration of valuable qualitative and quantitative information such as NPS Score, Comments, Brand Awareness / Loyalty etc
  • Communication of findings using visually impactful infographics and clear natural language
  • Lack of reliable predictive models to aid organisational strategic issues
  • Inadequate analytical expertise

With our products and services, you are empowered to design and build solutions that meet your customers’ needs based on industry leading marketing tools. You are also able to optimize your data management procedure, carry out in depth analysis of marketing research analytics, as well as report findings to your clients utilising an effective technique.

How we overcome the challenges

  • Market research analysisData preparation and Smart Data discovery to manage raw data
  • Marketing environment and competitor analytics
  • Branded & Tailored Client Portals
  • Visual demonstration of quantitative and qualitative data analytics
  • Agile delivery of pictorial stimulating and impactful reports
  • Customer behaviour, satisfaction and loyalty pattern analysis
  • Pricing, market trends and marketing research analytics
  • Predictive data analytics to aid strategic decision making
  • Clear communication in natural language
  • Key driver analysis – Correlation analysis
  • Copy testing analysis
  • Training and Enablement for your use case
  • Bespoke B.I. and analytical service to meet your needs
  • Comments & Closed Loop Feedback

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