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Data, no matter the industry can be found and utilised and that’s what we do for you at SDG Group. We work with many clients across multiple industries, no task is too big and we always love a new challenge – so why don’t you try and see how we can help you.

See what sectors we currently provide for and how we achieve their solutions:

Market Research

Our consultants have a history of working with Market Research companies, understanding the many challenges that each industry holds when looking to gain insight into a company. We help you get to grips with the science of market research data, carry out in-depth analysis and design visually engaging information that’s digestible for your clients. Find out more

Who we work with


Being an industry that runs on efficiency, tight budgets and deadlines, the need for data analytics software is paramount to the success of your business. Our solutions possess the ability for you to track, report and manage the performance, order-to-delivery chain, safety and compliance and even cash flow to monitor profitability and uncover previously unseen opportunities for your business.


Insurance is tied up in strict regulation and compliance, making it a challenge for companies to differentiate and compete within the market. Your data is your unearthed strength, if used in the right way. As more insurance firms are catching onto this realisation, we can help you drive sales, increase customer retention and marry risk-modelling and predictive analytics to deliver actionable insight at business level.

Energy and Utility

Energy and utility companies need agile, intuitive data analysis solutions in order to safeguard their future sustainability and growth. Our partners can equip you with the tools to let you take control of your entire. Get ahead of the competition with customer segmentation, smart metering, campaign and sales control, whilst minimising operating costs, improving your energy portfolio and inevitably maximising your revenue and cost-savings.


Manufacturing, as an industry, is in a constant state of flux, the challenge lies in producing current, correct and immediate insights. Collecting real-time data and quick turnaround actions from insights is what separates profit from loss. Our solutions enable you to analyse production, shipping and profitability of every process, automate data updates to keep your analysis in real-time and share, monitor and collaborate through interactive dashboards.

Media and entertainment

In an industry where reporting, analysis and actions are carried out within a few hours, fast access to the right information is vital. Our solutions provide high-speed analytic databases making strategies, deadlines, budgets, progress and even unscoped projects easily manageable. You can gather real-time data on your revenue, expenditure, and margins, as well as possessing the ability to analyse and optimise your key to success – the customer.

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