Managed Services

Managed Services

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Business intelligence is something many companies handle on their own. But what if some of the services addressed by BI involve large-scale processes and procedures. This can lead to unpredictable capital expenditure.

For instance, a company whose business processes generate databases that stretch into the terabytes will need a data warehouse solution, which can help determine what data to retain most immediately and what data to take offline (or at least move out of the main database) and into an archive. The company may be able to develop such a solution that lasts one or two years, but what about five, 10 or 20 years? Moreover, how might they bring BI functionality to other groups? And furthermore what about extending into Big Data and external data?

This is where we can help

We can take away the worry of hardware, software, BI tools and technologies, software professionals or training for your BI solution. We take you through our innovative delivery approach to gathering requirements and translate them into your set of reports and analytics. These are iteratively designed and developed by our BI managed service team in collaboration with you.

We then deliver this BI platform to your organisation in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Managed Services

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