SDG Group is a Looker Consulting Partner

We are highly trained and certified in Looker technology, we are qualified to deliver and maintain modern data analytics solutions.

About Looker

Looker’s mission is to inspire curiosity.  Data is no longer just a place to find answers. It’s the place where ideas originate. And when everyone in your company is looking at the same numbers, sharing the same truth, they’ll be able to collectively make smarter, more informed decisions. This is the core of our mission at Looker: To inspire everyone to embrace their curiosity, dig deeper and keep asking questions.

What Looker delivers

Looker believes everybody should have access to reliable analytics to make data-driven decisions. And to deliver on this promise, they had to reimagine and rebuild how analytics are done from the ground up. Our new approach to analytics builds on the best of what’s come before, combined with a rich flexible data platform   that takes advantage of all the latest technology advancements of storing and processing huge amounts of data. This is not just modern BI, this is a modern data platform that can serve the data needs of an entire company.

  • Unify: See the full picture by easily combining data from disparate sources
  • Transform: Retain row-level detail and transform your data on the fly. No need for inflexible physical schemas or OLAP cubes
  • Govern: Keep everyone on the same page by centralizing the definitions of your business metrics. Say “goodbye” to the chaos of workbook-based analytics
  • Ad-hoc: Give everyone in the organization the ability to get reliable, trustworthy, up-to-date answers to their questions—no SQL required.
  • Visualise: Chart, graph, format, and visually explore your data, right in the same platform that you use to prepare and transform your data
  • Deliver: Leverage the value of your data wherever you need it — across the web, on your mobile device, and right in your existing workflows

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