SDG Group is a Gold  Matillion Partner

Our Matillion Centre of Excellence can help you to maximise the benefits that this market-leading data integration platform can bring


About Matillion

Matillion provides an industry-leading data transformation product for cloud data warehouses. Delivering a true end-to-end data transformation (not just data preparation or movement of data 'as-is' from one location to another), Matillion provides an instant-on experience to get you up and running in just a few clicks, a consumption-based billing model to ensure that cost is matched to value and an intuitive user interface to minimize technical pain and speed up time to results.
Matillion is available globally for Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Azure Synapse, Databricks Delta Lake and Google BigQuery on leading cloud infrastructures.


Matillion Benefits

  • In-database processing
    Leverages the power and elasticity of the target cloud data platform without needing to extract and reload data.
  • Easy to use low/no-code graphical user interface
    Intuitive and self-validating drag and drop GUI with many pre-built components maximises productivity.
  • Extensible
    Use Matillion's Universal Connectivity Framework to build connectors for any REST-based API.
  • Self-documenting
    Automatically generates comprehensive technical documentation of your transformation workflows.
  • Enterprise Capable
    Highly scalable architecture with support for load balancing and resilience.
  • Git integration
    Enables robust version control and supports CI/CD deployment.
  • Consumption-based pricing
    Ensures pricing is matched to utilisation, and hence value.

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