Advanced Data Analytics

Advanced Data Analytics

Decipher, analyse and visually report your data.

With data analytics being applicable to varying uses and for a variety of purposes, we understand that our clients may have differing expectations of their data analytics tools or service provider. We make use of a wealthy combination of advanced data analytics software and industry expertise to ensure that your data analytics needs are met by offering options that include but are not limited to:

I. Visual Analytics

Visual Analytics helps business become more productive with data by using software to integrate analytics capabilities with modern graphical ways of expressing information. Visual Analytics gives users the power and control over analytics discovery, enabling them to progress further on their own, in a self-service fashion, rather than being dependent on IT intervention.

II. Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics connects data to effective action by drawing reliable conclusions about current conditions and future events. Predictive analytics offers numerous advantages for organisations that recognise the inherent value locked within their existing enterprise data. Organisations that incorporate predictive analytics into their daily operations in this way improve their business processes, enhancing decision making and gaining the ability to direct, optimise, and automate decisions, on demand, to meet defined business goals.

III. Embedded /Pervasive B.I.

Embedded BI integrates analytic content and capabilities within business applications and portals. The business intelligence (BI) and analytics market has passed a tipping point as it shifts away from IT-centric, reporting-based platforms and toward modern BI and analytics platforms that enable smarter analytics and greater agility. Embedded BI drives user adoption and increase profits by infusing analytics into the fabric of your applications.

IV. Smart Data Discovery

Smart data discovery is a next-generation data discovery capability that provides insights from advanced analytics to business users or citizen data scientists without requiring them to have traditional data scientist expertise. Smart data discovery methods consistently streamline, quicken, and improve outcomes for more effective insights. The result is a seamless discovery process that is virtually interchangeable with analytics itself.

Advanced Data Analytics

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