SDG Group is a certified Snowflake Solution Partner

We are a trained and validated partner that implements data analytics solutions using Snowflake.

About Snowflake

Snowflake built a new SQL data warehouse from the ground up specifically for the cloud. It is  designed with patented new architecture  a  handle all aspects of data and analytics. The result? A data warehouse that delivers the performance, simplicity, concurrency and affordability not possible with other data warehouses.

What Snowflake Delivers

  • A complete SQL Database
    Full support for standard SQL so you can take advantage of your existing knowledge and tools.
  • Zero Management
    No servers to handle, no buttons to press. A true software-as-a-service on AWS or Azure.  Full focus on your data.
  • No limits on users, data or performance
    The unique division in storage and processing allows you to scale up and down to an unlimited extent. Everything without interruption or disturbance.
  • Pay only for what you use
    Never pay for unused power and stationary machines. Scale and scale down automatically, with a single-click or with an SQL line. Super easy and affordable.
  • Live data sharing
    The Data Warehouse-as-a-service innovation allows you to securely share selected bits of your data with whoever you want without duplicating or sharing data.
Snowflake Architecture

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