Bringing data to life

Interactive Charting and Dashboarding

Visualisation of data, through interactive charting and dashboarding, is probably one of the most enlightening and valuable activities that a company can undertake. Patterns are surfaced and insight can be derived by examining data from different perspectives without the requirement for programming skills. It is no exaggeration to suggest that visualisation is the foundation for transformation.

Data discovery, most effectively achieved via visualisation, forms one of the main pre-requisites for the effective application of advanced analytics and the output of an analytics exercise is often best viewed as a visualisation.

SDG Group’s tool set provides an integrated approach to visualisation, with advanced analytics functions (including clustering and predictive analysis) available within the visualisation tool itself and an even broader range of capabilities provided via specialised, integrated analytics software.

Embedded Analytics

Embedded analytics enables visualisations to be incorporated into your business applications, removing the requirement to jump between applications and providing business intelligence in-context, whilst providing an integrated approach to security and access control.

Bespoke BI

Our BI practice can provide you with a customised BI application development solution that focusses on the specific needs of our clients. This ensures clients are getting the right information in the right format at the right time to support them in their decision-making processes.

SDG Group’s dedicated development team are focussed on delivering high value BI solutions and by using our unique development methodology, you can significantly reduce time and cost for your bespoke solutions.

This agile approach will ensure that best practices are adopted and that any specific Business Intelligence needs, no matter how unique can, be delivered.

What’s more, we always aim to design and deliver this over the web to ensure that IT administration and maintenance is kept to a minimum.


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